Pabecon, Costas Paraschis, is a company of modern ideas and concepts that deals with special constructions made of stainless steel and crystal in buildings – homes and business premises – as well as various other architectural applications.
The experience of 25 years that we have, as well as the challenges of implementing special – branded and non-architectural constructions to date, allows us to be able to propose you, to present you through professional design programs for a better representation of you and to build solutions of unique aesthetics and idiosyncrasy , modern design and various requirements.
Pabecon is faithfully dedicated to its customers.

With the knowledge of the experience of its executives, it has managed to find certified and first-quality products, stainless steel, crystals and accessory materials for the perfect construction that it is called to offer in the area of the building and also of your pleasure boat. Our executives with many years of experience are able to cope with all the challenges of project assignment and implementation of the constructions that customers want.

We have an organized transport network with trucks specially designed for the deliveries of our constructions throughout the length and breadth of our country.

Our motto is to provide excellent customer service and our goal is to meet their desire for high-quality construction.


Our facilities are in the area of Spata, and house an exhibition area, a manufacturing and processing area for our products, and a large courtyard area for comfortable parking for our customers.